Michael Stettler
Michael Stettler - Constitution Party

Occupation: Material Handler

Occupational Background: Electrical Construction and Service Educational Background: Two years post secondary education in aviation maintenance, commercial navigation / meteorology

Prior Governmental Experience: United States Navy Aviation Machinist Mate, squadron level 1986 - 1990

America First means Oregon First

The last forty to fifty years have been dominated by globalism and partisan politics that have lacked principles and fostered a total attack on traditional family values and the middle class. A No New Tax Pledge is a pledge I have made. As a candidate for US Senate I ask you, "Is Oregon better off than ten, twenty, thirty years ago? Are you and your family?"

I am a defender of the Constitution, its Preamble, its 7 Articles and all of its 27 amendments. I am an adopted person who is pro life. I see a great opportunity in front of Oregon in 2022. Returning to policies that have worked in our nation's history will serve us well. Here's what I propose, let's apply some common SENS, Simple Economic National Solutions.

1) Medical Autonomy, Campaign Finance Reform, Balanced Budget Amendment, True Forest Management, No Green New Deal, No Cap and Trade, Apprenticeship Programs, Vocational Skills Development and School-To-Work Programs.

2) Reinstate Glass-Steagall Banking: Depression era law that protected your bank deposits and pensions 1933–1999. This legislation essentially creates a firewall that separates commercial deposits and pension assets from speculation investment and derivatives trading.

3) US Treasury Credit (not Fed debt instruments) for essential industries and services to meet recovery goals in crisis conditions.

4) Long term simple interest US Treasury Credit (not Fed debt instruments) for job creation, real investment in infrastructure, energy intensive industries, advanced technologies, Moon-Mars 2024, Small-Modular-Reactor technology development and focus for fission reactor applications and increase funding for fusion power research and development.

5) Hospital Survey and Construction Act 1946: US healthcare policy, 4.5 hospital beds per 1000 population based on census data. Let's end the 1973–2022 era of the HMO dominated profit oriented system and put care back into healthcare.

The campaign road show is on a reckoning tour, coming to a whistle stop near you for 2022. All Americans deserve better than what our two-party system has produced. Right now Oregon voters possess the power to BRING BALANCE BACK TO OREGON. "That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or abolish it and institute new government."


Vote America First!

Vote Constitution Party.

Vote Stettler for US Senate.