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The Brunson v Alma et al, SCOTUS case Update:

MAY 24, 2023: "The Government hereby waives its right to file a response to the petition in this case, unless requested to do so by the Court."

HISTORY: SCOTUS decided to not conference on Jan 6th, and also decided to not conference again on Feb. 17 on the appeal brought by Loy Brunson. Where this issue stands is to be determined going forward. Decision to conference latest filing set for May 24, 2023.

The fight for freedom continues in 2023 and beyond...

Issues I am focused on:

  • The Chair of the Constitution Party of Oregon has passed away as of Feb 18, 2023 and new officers should be elected.
  •  Investigate all previous election fraud. Make much needed changes to ensure election integrity going forward.
  • America first means Oregon first 
  • Abolish the Federal Reserve and return to a sound money policy with treasury backed credit and new physical currency, not worthless paper.
  • Restore the 1933-1999 Glass Steagall Act. The comingling of commercial and investment banking is too risky for America and the world.
  • Terminate the failed policies of big pharma and big medical. Get back to consumer funded family doctors on main street not profits for Wall St. Let's put real care, (Capital Asset Realignment Enhancement) back into Healthcare.
  • Campaign finance reform. Get big money out of our elections. Level the playing field and make it easier for any US Citizen to run for office.
Power & Energy
Wind and Solar are Technologies that have limited benefit and cannot supply the entire demand for reliable baseload power.  A better direction is SMR (small modular reactor) technology. 
Joint consultation, partnerships, raising living standards and wages, while creating priceless skills for our youth, freeing them from massive student loan debt.
Network Infrastructure
Americans deserve the best for their hard earned $$. 5G Technology is potentially dangerous and a better direction is Fiber to the Home, with a second nationwide network, dedicated to secure comms.
Put an end to CRT. We The People should demand our children are taught a classical education. All other specialized cultural issues are better taught in the home, not standardized and forced upon everyone.
The Era of Big HMO's and their excessive, bloated and wasteful administration must come to an end. American Taxpayers do not have bottomless pockets and are not walking wallets. 
Agriculture & Farming
Assist small farmers who need new equipment. Restore local ownership to farmlands, encourage local sustainability, and fresh organic local products for our communities.
Construction & Building
Eliminate regulatory overreach of big government that stifles family run construction businesses in Oregon. America First Policies will create a demand for these skill sets and companies.
We The People own the Forests. Not the Federal Government.
Jurisdiction White Paper
Big Tech Censorship
Free speech as guaranteed by our Constitution must also apply to social media, let the end user decide what is Truth. The big tech nanny state must end.

My Policy Platform


The reinstatement of Glass - Steagall is the essential and immediate first step to rescue the US and global economy from the catastrophes of hyperinflation.

A bill from 2013 would have done this and was a part of both Republican and Democratic National Platforms in 2016. H.R. 129, was expected to rapidly gain overwhelming support. Unfortunately that support never arrived..

New Bretton Woods Policy

"Globalization" has collided with reality. Either we reverse the process of "globalization," and return immediately to international economic relations premised upon the sovereign nation-state as the highest authority, or there will be no recovery from the present process of disintegration of the international financial and monetary system..

Federal Reserve Act

Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The time has come to put the Federal Reserve Bank into a long-overdue bankruptcy and to reestablish the National Bank of the United States, based on the principles established by Alexander Hamilton, our first Treasury Secretary of the United States, revived by Abraham Lincoln, one our greatest Presidents and rediscovered by Lyndon LaRouche, an eight time candidate for POTUS, 1976-2004.

The monetary policies of the Federal Reserve, its Wall Street owners, and its fellow central bankers, and the corporations that grow up around them, have metastasized to the point that the real physical economy, and the people it supports, will not survive unless the central banking system itself is ended and our national economic sovereignty is restored..

Two Steaks a Day

Coming out of the depression, the president of the United States suggested a chicken in every pot. The more beneficial modern day equivalent in Oregon is two steaks a day. The jobs and infrastructure needed to create a chicken in every pot, are pale in comparison to what our economy would look like if we took it up a notch and made the beef industry stronger.

Healthcare For Oregon

The OHA has squandered any credibility it may have garnered prior to the last few years and during the presence of COVID 19. The imposition of mandates for masks and testing to receive medical care, the closing and opening of schools, the denial of employment through vaccination requirements has given rise to a level of contempt for government authority not seen in my experience or known in my lifetime. Rule by decree from the office of the Oregon Governor and the OHA has people overflowing with disgust, outrage and contempt.

Standards for care have long been established in United States history. These standards were rejected during the Nixon administration and their rejection continued during the Ford administration. The era of Health Maintenance Organizations was ushered in. A rush for profit was sold to the American People through jingoisms and free market justifications of efficiency and lower costs. Insurance companies and their CEO's have enriched themselves while average people in need of care have been affoarded less consideration than their need for care has warranted. 

The Hospital Survey and Construction Act of 1946, also known as Hill-Burton Healthcare deployed knowledge gained from WWII regarding needs of a population for medical care and their ability to access that medical care. Appropriations for healthcare were based on population per county, per capita, per square mile using US Census data and other population and demographic data sets.

Get the insurance companies and their lobbyist accountants out of the room and allow medical professionals to develop another approach for the 21st century. An approach based on successful policy and principled application will render a better quality of medical care for our US citizens and those in life threatening trauma who are not. Harnessing knowledge and experience attained from the past, to avoid making similar mistakes in the future, will end the era of the Affordable Care Act and HMO's definitively.

Telecommunications Bill 1996

Created to allow more players in the industry, this bill has failed because all of the disparate players across the industry have mostly been bought out by large telco monopolies. We need a real simple telecomm bill that not only brings competition to the market at the state level, but that also respects the first amendment across all platforms while ensuring our 4th amendment rights are upheld. No longer will cyber millipedes wormholing through your data be tolerated.

Treaty of Westphalia

Europe had been destroying itself and everyone in it for over one hundred years. British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s speech in Chicago in 1999, in which he declared that the era of the Treaty of Westphalia was over, opened a period of unceasing wars by major powers on smaller nations. The principles of the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia are needed now more than ever.

The Treaty of Westphalia says explicitly, that it abolishes all competition, pretentions, and advantages over others, and “forgives the sins of the past by leaving all wrongs that have been committed to perpetual Oblivion.” Such is the beauty of power when it is proportional with reason, and such was the commitment of France in 1648, in the Peace of Westphalia..

Oregon Water Policy

Creating policy that uses what we have and putting it to good use, rather than letting it run straight to the ocean. The same number of fish can exist in a cascade of managed large waterways as can exist in 200 miles of river.

Education Reform in Oregon

We must reevaluate our commitment to future generations by upgrading the curriculum in our public schools. The curriculum in our public schools should be a reflection of who we are as human beings. Inherent in all of us is the creative and cognitive capability to discover universal physical principles and increase our power as one human race living on our planet and respecting each other as equals in this thing we call "Life on Earth."

The current trend in education and curriculum reflects the decline of western civilization and manifests itself in Critical Race Theory, gender studies and green ideology. These views and course changes are not voted on by parent teacher associations at school boards, they are selected through an arbitrary process that is shielded from the consent of the governed. These policy decisions on curriculum are devoid of scientific method. Evidence to support alternative views are shamed by virtue signaling and discounted by two minute tickers in quorum.

Latest News about Our Campaign

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Heather and "Patriot Street Fighter" Scott asked me to hold his tomahawk. So I says, "There was a story going around about some ghost taking out 20 redcoats carrying a Cherokee Tomahawk or something like that."

The Patriot Street Fighter asked me "aren't you a little too old to be believing in ghost stories?"

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Dr Frank Testifies in Washington County Oregon Sept. 20, 2022
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